Mimecast extends to Windows Phone and Android

Email archiving and security company Mimecast is extending its mobile continuity services to Windows Phone and Android.

The service is already available on iPhone and BlackBerry. BlackBerry users also have access to a fully integrated email continuity service that keeps email working even when Exchange, BES or associated network infrastructure is unavailable.

Mobile Access is included as a core element of the Mimecast service; therefore users can switch between smartphone types, or even access Mimecast from multiple devices, with no additional cost or complexity.

“The rise of the cloud has heralded a new era for mobile working,” commented Barry Gill, enterprise consultant, Mimecast. “Users don’t just want to be able to work from any location; they now expect all of their data to be accessible at all times and on a device of their choosing.

“With up to 80 percent of corporate IP stored within the email archive, the limitations on traditional smartphone email applications can significantly restrict productivity with users suddenly cut off from a huge amount of their data when they leave the office.”

“Mimecast’s Mobile Access apps give users the ability to search their entire email archive – and all the data contained within – from anywhere,” Gill added.