Tackling email management with Oracle

US software developer TEAM Informatics has launched a new Email Manager for Oracle that  enables Oracle users to control their email through Oracle's WebCenter Content Records. It will be available as a licensed software product and through TEAM's Content Cloud.

The product has been developed to tackle the problem of increased email volume and the growing complexity of the regulatory and legal landscape. It is designed to enamle the discovery process to become more automated.

Email Manager for Oracle enables a user to automate their record declaration and retain only the important information. This minimises volume and maximises relevancy.

Vern Hanzlik, Vice President of Product Development at TEAM Informatics, said, "Email is an integral part of employees' everyday work life, yet it has remained a difficult organisational problem. With the increasing adoption of Oracle technology, TEAM saw an opportunity to assist customers in managing their email through an innovative approach to this complicated business problem."

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