Watchdog keeps Microsoft Outlook folders safe

European software developer,CodeTwo  has released a free Outlook plug-in that prevents  unintentional drag-and-drop actions and removing folders.

CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog alerts users when they try to move a folder onto a different folder, or when they remove a folder with the Delete button on their keyboard.

“Outlook users often happen to miss the scroll bar while scrolling the navigation pane in Outlook and, as a result, they drag-and-drop a folder onto a different folder.
Others accidentally remove entire folders while trying to delete a single item using the Delete button. Our Watchdog has been developed to protect Outlook users from that kind of situations.” – said Michal Bednarz, CodeTwo Managing Director.

Once an alert message pops up in Outlook, a user can quickly confirm it or cancel it. It saves time spent looking for lost or deleted folders.

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