Sync calendars and contacts between SharePoint and Outlook

ProperSync has announced the release of ProperSync 1.3 for Microsoft Outlook, the latest version of the add-in that allows users to synchronise personal calendars, contacts, and task lists with SharePoint, optimising team collaboration by merging data into one location.

Sharing Contacts, Calendars and Tasks across teams is a vital function to any organisation. Microsoft SharePoint provides this functionality; but by default, Microsoft Outlook only supports a set of predefined fields and stores Microsoft SharePoint items in special folders.

Using ProperSync, users can opt to share Outlook information with other team members directly within existing Outlook items providing a single data view within their Outlook or mobile client. The team calendar can also be downloaded directly to a user’s primary calendar. Users can also upload some or all appointments to the office calendar to notify the team of their whereabouts.

Carsten Winsnes, Principal of ProperSync, said, “It allows business users to stay within Microsoft Outlook instead of switching to other programs to share important items with their team.”

Users can see SharePoint appointments directly on their primary calendar. Once it is configured for a user within Outlook, all of their devices are updated. This advanced feature also works with contacts and task lists.

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