LiveOffice Integrates Outlook and

LiveOffice Outlook Email Connector for Salesforce is a new application that provides a complete view of all email, attachments and Chatter posts associated with an Account, Contact, Lead or Opportunity in without requiring the user to take any action, perform any manual syncs or download a plug in.

“Traditional Outlook plug ins create installation and maintenance problems, require additional effort from users and strain Salesforce storage limits,” said LiveOffice CEO Nick Mehta.

“LiveOffice Outlook Email Connector for Salesforce eliminates these barriers—it is configured at the Microsoft Exchange (or Lotus Notes) server level and displays the complete email, attachment and Chatter history in without any user intervention. This means a CEO or VP of sales, if setup with the right permissions, can get a complete pulse on a key account across all users in one place.”

Many users still heavily rely on Microsoft Outlook for email and calendars, while recording other sales- and support-related activities (e.g., phone calls, support cases, etc.) in Salesforce. So, in order for users to get a unified view of their accounts and opportunities, some type of integration between Outlook and Salesforce is required. This integration can help eliminate data entry redundancy and provide a more complete, 360-degree view of all account touch points in Salesforce.

The Outlook Email Connector for Salesforce app stores and indexes all emails, attachments and Chatter posts in the LiveOffice cloud for free. It eliminates additional storage fees associated with attachments—often thousands of dollars a year—that would result from storing this information in Salesforce, and avoids technical problems created by other plug ins currently on the market.

Products currently available to integrate Outlook with are plug ins deployed at the desktop level, which require users to actively log every email sent in Outlook. These plug ins are often time consuming to deploy, negatively impact Outlook performance and do not improve the search experience in Salesforce (across email and attachments). Outlook Email Connector for Salesforce eliminates these headaches without any ongoing IT management. The app runs automatically and does not require additional steps for Outlook (or Notes) users to sync email to