Yammer spreads its wings with Connect

Enterprise social networking company Yammer has announced a range of plug-ins that connect intranet and business applications with Yammer and add Yammer feeds to these tools. The Yammer Connect plug-ins are designed to extend Yammer's social functionality across the applications in which employees are already spending their time.

"Since Yammer's inception, making our API public has been an important part of our mission to create a more open, social and connected enterprise," said David Sacks, founder and CEO, Yammer.

"The new tools we are introducing will allow companies and developers to incorporate Yammer into other applications in a more meaningful way that enables employees to more readily share and discover information."

A Login Button allows existing Yammer users to bring their identity, profile information and corporate social graph with them to third party applications. Using the JavaScript API, developers can add the Yammer Login Button to their applications.

The API also gives developers the ability to leverage Yammer user profiles, message feeds, and other components of the corporate social graph to create more dynamic applications and help users discover more relevant content.

Designed to provide increased flexibility to enterprises, Yammer Embed, which was announced earlier this year, is now in beta and will be generally available later this quarter. Delivering Yammer feeds into existing business applications, such as the company intranet, CRM tools or content management systems, Yammer Embed lets employees view, post and reply to messages in the context of their work.

All of the Yammer Connect plug-ins are built on the Yammer JavaScript API, and developers can also create their own custom plug-ins using the documentation.

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