Axway announces MailGate 5.0 with DR

Axway has launched its MailGate 5.0 solution which combines email network protection, policy-based content filtering and automated encryption with disaster recovery and high availability capabilities.

The product is designed to protect the entire email network and reduce infrastructure costs and the liabilities associated with unsecured and unmanaged email communications.

Now including secure messaging functionality on a Linux appliance, the latest release of Axway MailGate includes features such as gateway-to-gateway encryption, regulatory compliance lexicons, enhanced digital rights management, archiving capabilities and support for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

“A corporate email security strategy is only as strong as its weakest link. With the near daily headlines around both accidental data loss and natural disasters, IT departments now are responsible to manage more sophisticated email protection and recovery strategies,” said Joe Fisher, executive vice president of product strategy and solutions, Axway.

Features include:
Inbound threat protection: Reduces network congestion and enhances employee productivity with virus protection, anti-spam filtering and defense against dark traffic.
Outbound and inbound message security and data loss prevention (DLP): Universally enforces policies that protect confidential information and intellectual property, and ensures compliance with government regulations and corporate policies. MailGatecan decrypt and inspect S/MIME encrypted email against an organisation’s set policies. MailGate also validates digital signatures and enforces policy on digitally signed messages.
Enterprise-grade capabilities: MailGate supports comprehensive email security infrastructures for large enterprises, and multi-tenancy support allows different policies to be applied to different business units and departments with a single installation – reducing deployment and maintenance costs.
Disaster recovery and high availability: Leverages network-attached storage (NAS) to enable true application-based high availability, for seamless functionality in the event of system failure. Disaster recovery capabilities allow backed-up data to be restored.
Integrates with email data encryption solution: MailGate now incorporates Axway Secure Messenger, a powerful policy-based email encryption platform.

Business Solution: