DocAuto predicts future of e-mail management

DocAuto has announced the launch of a new predictive e-mail filing product, OutiM Predict, which is designed to provide users with "zero additional click" predictive filing capabilities for rapid association of e-mail content with specific clients and matters.

“DocAuto created OutiM Predict to reduce the pain of e-mail filing, while still giving users control over which messages get filed and where they are filed.” stated David Kiefer, President of DocAuto.

“It analyses users' e-mail filing patterns and automatically predicts the most likely filing location within the content management system for the email. As a user adds Recipient Addresses to a message or types the Subject line, OutiM Predict dynamically analyzes this information and serves up results on-the-fly for tagging the e-mail.

“OutiM Predict integrates tightly with DocAuto's OutiM Server product to automatically process e-mails server-side to the correct destination, without human invention.” 

OutiM Predict will also provide ways to pool, backup, reconcile, and distribute predictive filing data up and down between users, teams, practice groups, office, regions, and firm-wide, further leveraging and homogenising predictive filing behaviors throughout an enterprise.

“OutiM Predict learns associations between addresses, subject line keywords, and the clients and matters associated with these pieces of information, and the predictive results improve as historical data is collected.” explains Mark Baker, Director of Development.

“Our goal was to create an end-user experience where there was no wait or lag time for intensive processing while users are trying to send an e-mail. OutiM Predict does this with an intuitive interface and logical flow.  We also provide real-time feedback to users to let them know why specific predictions are being made.”