Compressing email attachments on the fly

Swiss-based storage vendor balesio AG is pronmising to directly reduce the total cost associated with email by 40-75% through the automatic compression of attachments on the fly, using the latest version of its flagship FILEminimizer Suite.

balesio makes other products that  minimise the footprint of unstructured data files stored on servers and shared NAS and SAN drives. Whereas  FILEminimizer Suite enables companies to ensure unstructured files are optimised before they first enter the corporate email network.

As a result, when a file such as an image or a PDF is shrunk to up to a fourth of its original size, it enters the email data lifecycle as a smaller file, even though its visual quality and functionality remain unaltered, leading to higher email storage utilisation and network efficiency from the start. The new version of FILEminimizer Suite also features compression of PDF files, the most recent addition to balesio’s stable of data reduction technology.

The new version offers smoother integration into Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino environments.

FILEminimizer comes with a multi-lingual client interface and offers integration for Microsoft Outlook 2003 – 2010 and Lotus Notes 6.x or higher. Five powerful compression settings allow users to choose the level of file optimisation they require each time, while all optimisation settings can be centrally configured and made invisible for the end user.

“Native file optimisation does make a lot of sense for email infrastructures. It frees up storage capacity that is unnecessarily taken up by bloated unstructured files and it has a dramatic effect on network performance because files reduced by 40-75%, require 40-75% less bandwidth,” says Christoph Schmid, Chief Operating Officer at balesio.

“In FILEminimizer Suite 7 we have added over 50 email policy settings such as a hard-quota and conditional optimisations offering administrators a highly effective way to significantly improve their email infrastructures. Our technology works better than any WAN optimisation solution but isn’t nearly as expensive,”