Yammer talks to business and records

Organisations using the Yammer enterprise social networking platform, such as Australia’s NAB, will now be able to integrate Yammer with document management systems and line of business applications including CRM, HR, finance and supply chain solutions.

Yammer has announced a new suite of products including Activity Stream, a new tab on the Yammer website.

This “.. aggregates stories about coworker actions in their enterprise apps, making it easier than ever before to discover -- and collaborate around -- relevant business data” says the company.

“The Stream is automatically populated with activity stories generated in Yammer, such as when coworkers join groups and follow topics, and activity from other apps can be added via an API. Yammer's Activity Stream includes roll-up logic, which batches related stories into a single item in the feed, reducing noise and enhancing the user experience.”

The Yammer Activity Stream API will enable third-party developers to publish activity stories from business applications into the Yammer Activity Stream. Yammer has already announced Activity Stream integration with NetSuite, the cloud-based ERP, making NetSuite data available in Yammer upon customer request.

Yammer has also extended the Open Graph Protocol, which was developed by Facebook, for the enterprise to include extensions for business-specific objects such as employee, customer, office, and document.

Leveraging the Open Graph Protocol enables Yammer to treat any resource on the web, on company intranets, or within enterprise applications as objects within the Yammer Social Graph. This results in efficient linkage of information and roll-up of related feed stories -- reducing noise from feeds.

Meanwhile Yammer Embed allows Yammer feeds to be embedded inside virtually any business application through the simple use of an embed code (similar to how YouTube videos can be embedded in any webpage).

This enables employees to easily view and participate in relevant Yammer discussions without leaving their business applications. Yammer Embed will be compatible with any HTML or JavaScript-based business system that supports extensibility and will function similarly to Yammer's existing Microsoft SharePoint integration.

"Enterprise social networking has moved beyond early adopters and is becoming part of the fabric of how we work," said David Sacks, CEO of Yammer. "Yammer is adding a social layer to the applications that employees use every day in a way that breaks down silos, fostering productivity, collaboration and improved decision making."

Yammer offers integration withSharePoint 2007 and 2010, adding a social layer to the file sharing and collaboration system. Yammer also integrates with Active Directory, which helps companies automate provisioning and de-provisioning members in their Yammer network.