OutiM add-on helps e-mail filing

DocAuto, a provider of software solutions for Autonomy iManage WorkSite, has launched an add-on to DocAuto’s OutiM Server e-mail management system.

OutiM Server Folder Manager creates "pseudo Matter-Centric" filing locations for Exchange users directly in their Outlook mailbox based on their activity in WorkSite. Users can instantly move messages from their Inbox to a filing "destination" folder that automatically "maps" to an associated WorkSite destination WorkSpace or Folder.

The moving of messages from Exchange can then be performed by OutiM Server or even other e‑mail processing methods. This makes the e-mail filing operation fast and easy.

OutiM Server Folder Manager can also delete folders, replace messages that have already been filed by other users with “links” to the content already in WorkSite, and can delete messages that have already been processed, or previously created links, keeping the collection of filing folders up-to-date automatically.

OutiM Server Folder Manager also includes features that enhance the use of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

“Many users already have their own set of Outlook subfolders that they have created for storing e-mail. OutiM Server Folder Manager provides a way to administratively create these folders without placing the burden on the users,” said David Kiefer, president of DocAuto.

“The easier you make it for users to file e-mail, the more likely they will comply with e-mail management policies.”