Harmonie talks to SharePoint & Google Docs

Mainsoft has announced Microsoft Office 2010 integration for its Harmonie product, a free Outlook sidebar that provides access to SharePoint and Google Docs from within email.

One example of this integration is that business personnel can now "drag, drop and share" documents from Outlook 2010's new People Pane to SharePoint.

The "People Pane" enables users to easily access messages and documents exchanged with specific colleagues; Harmonie makes it easy to share this information with groups by simply dragging and dropping documents directly from the pane into SharePoint.

In turn, documents residing within individual people panes can now be easily shared by groups in a centralised location.

"Outlook 2010 is transforming the email client into a collaboration console," said Yaacov Cohen, CEO for Mainsoft. "Harmonie completes the email social experience by adding document collaboration to dramatically increase SharePoint adoption within the enterprise."

The Harmonie sidebar promotes the social aspects of collaborating on documents - enabling people to share a single, centralised copy of the document, eliminating the many intermediary steps associated with sending email attachments back and forth. Harmonie provides immediate access to documents within SharePoint or Google Docs, directly within the Outlook client; providing one centralised location for document sharing.

The new integration is currently available in Harmonie for Google Docs. The new integration will be available for Harmonie for SharePoint in August.

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