Evizone promises email security


Evizone has announced a new subscription service to deliver secure communications between individuals and workgroups.


The standard service is available at $A24.95 per month per user with lower subscription rates available to large group accounts.

With Evizone, all emails and document attachments are secured and encrypted solely on dedicated Evizone servers, versus being spread across various computers and backup systems without the user's knowledge or control.

Users view all Evizone communications on demand, and users have complete control over who can view their message and documents, and when. Once the retention period of an Evizone message or document expires, it is permanently deleted and no longer exists anywhere.

Evizone aims to provide a solution for any private email-based conversations subject to regulatory requirements, legal privilege or that may become part of an e-discovery process.

"Companies today are seeking ways of controlling business risk, reducing e-discovery costs and protecting business critical information," said Andy Coutts, Evizone's CEO.

"We saw a large gap between the document encryption tools on one end and the directory-based virtual data room or deal room solutions on the other. None of these solutions address the broader unsecured email conversations that inevitably occur among workgroups."

Evizone's rich Internet client software for both PCs and Macs also prevents the use of print screen, screen capture and recording tools and web conferencing -- a significant failing of browser-based "private email" and data room/deal room solutions.


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