Axway enhances MailGate security

Axway has released the newest version of its MailGate security appliance, expanding security and compliance functionality and improving ease-of-use.

New features include enterprise multi-tenancy, support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and additional capabilities for digital rights management (DRM). These features provide inbound threat protection, outbound data loss prevention, and archiving capabilities.

MailGate now includes enterprise multi-tenancy, which allows administrators to use one MailGate box but still segregate policy, user groups, DLP and management access for each business unit/department.

Axway has made further enhancements to DRM functionality by adding a custom watermark to sensitive documents when it converts Microsoft Office documents into password-protected PDF files. MailGate can also remove metadata and edit outbound messages to preserve corporate policy.

Support for the IPv6 protocol has been added as well as compliance lexicons for the financial services and healthcare industries. It includes checkbox content filtering for credit card, personal identification and banking/trading (CUSIP) numbers and DRM capabilities to preserve the integrity of email attachments.

Pricing starts at $A9,000 for a 100-user hardware appliance; or from $A6700 for a 100-user virtual appliance on VMWare.

Australian Distributor: Observatory Crest

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