Axway delivers new version of File Transfer Direct

An updated version of Axway’s File Transfer Direct combines the ease of email with the security capabilities of its core managed file transfer (MFT) products.

File Transfer Direct is an ad hoc MFT solution that enables organisations to establish predefined rules to prevent loss of sensitive information like confidential intellectual property, customer data, employee records and financial information.

Since it works in conjunction with users’ existing email systems, it enables them to send large files without having to use personal email accounts or physical media that circumvent security measures.

With the latest release, administrators can now set governance policies requiring recipients to identify and authenticate themselves – via a user name and password or single sign-on – prior to downloading sensitive attachments.

File Transfer Direct provides comprehensive audit trails for regulatory compliance, and speeds on-boarding for partner and customer communities with auto-enrolment and self-registration, while reducing associated costs.

By implementing Axway File Transfer Direct, organisations are able to:

* Protect data in transit – Secures the transport channel. Scans attachments for sensitive content and requires identification, authentication and authorization to access attachments. Generates a complete audit report for compliance, which provides in-depth information about recipient, attachment name and date/time of download.

* Increase productivity – Exchanges large data files/attachments (up to 50GB) using the email or browser interface, making it easier to send large files. Eliminates the need to turn to less secure methods, such as private email accounts, unsecure file transfer protocol (FTP), DVDs and USB flash drives;

* Reduce costs – Saves administrative overhead by enabling self-enrollment for fast on-boarding, as well as by automatically removing user accounts after defined periods of inactivity. Also reduces costs by shortening email backup and restore times, and reducing size of email traffic;

* Offload large email attachments – Reduces the size of email storage and alleviates pressure on email servers while ensuring corporate policies are enforced; and

* Deploy via preferred model – File Transfer Direct supports multiple deployment options – on a hardened appliance, in the cloud or in a virtualised environment.

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