Email archiving meets Tangent

A new email archive appliance from Tangent, the DataCove DT offers disk-to-disk back-up and increased integrated Exchange 2007 support.

Advanced search, digital signing and up to 20 TB of storage are key features.

DataCove DT also offers Exchange 2007 instead of Exchange 2003 Stubbing. Stubbing eases storage requirements by displaying your inbox mail, but allowing content to reside outside the mail server.

DataCove DT’s new stubbing feature allows all emails to sit on DataCove instead of Exchange servers. This lightens the load on Exchange and lets DataCove and Exchange servers work in tandem. While this is commonly done with Exchange 2003, it’s claimed to be rare with Exchange 2007.

Besides easing mail server storage requirements, DataCove DT eliminates the need for an additional software client to view archived mail and provides a seamless integration with Exchange and Outlook.

All e-mail is encrypted and permanently stored using internal encryption keys. Data can’t be deleted from the device and any changes to the data are logged with all old data still stored in the original format.

“DataCove DT is a long term archival solution for enterprise class networks that need fast, granular retrieval of information from within networks with tens and hundreds of Terabytes of data,” noted Tangent President Doug Monsour.

Pricing for DataCove DT starts at $US6,190 for the basic DC500 unit—which can archive messages from 500 e-mail users—and ranges up to $US49,990 for the DC8000 enterprise-level appliance.

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