IDM Enters a New Era

IDM Enters a New Era

April 30, 2009:After more than 13 years of continuous publication by Knapp Communications Pty Limited, Image & Data Manager has been acquired by Transmit Media, a company formed by current editor Bill Dawes.

One of Australia's most respected, independent and long-running IT publications, IDM and companion Web site have taken a leading role in tracking the digital revolution in enterprise content management, document imaging and workflow throughout government and industry across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

This mission is set to continue apace as the world enters a new era of online collaboration unleashed by widespread access to the broadband Internet.

Bill Dawes has over 20 years experience in leading-edge B2B publishing in Australia devoted to enterprise computing and digital media. He said, "We are only starting to get a glimpses of how different life will be in the new era of 'location-free' computing."

"It is a privilege to be at the helm of a title that is focussed on the exciting challenge facing every organisation and individual today. As the uptake of Web 2.0 services and social computing takes off in the broader community, many individuals are starting to get an idea pf the challenges being faced by large organisations on a daily basis.

"Where is that important message I sent the other day? Did I sent it on Outlook or Gmail, or was it a LinkedIn Message or a Tweet? How can I find that crucial document? Did I store it in the cloud on Windows Live or is it sitting on a PC at home in a Folder I can't remember the name of. Maybe I left it as Zip file onDropBox or some other Web 2.0 repository that went bust quietly without anyone telling me."

"IDM has a clear mission to communicate how Australian and New Zealand organisations are dealing with the unique challenges of managing ballooning amounts of email and unstructured content. It is a great privilege to explore how local organisations in a wide range of industries are dealing with digital workflow, its like getting inside their central nervous system."

The Global content management software market is projected to cross $US10.4 billion by 2015, with Asia-Pacific representing the fastest growing market, according to a new report from Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA).

Former publisher, Gerard Knapp, said he was delighted to hand over the title to a highly respected IT journalist and editor in Bill Dawes.

He said: "IDM has always had a very wide brief in the information management space; it was always concerned with reporting on innovative solutions to critical and strategic information management issues. I have known Bill for over two decades and in that time he's always shown an ability to quickly understand complex processes and then be able to provide clear and concise coverage.

"I am very confident he will continue IDM's tradition of being an outstanding and independent title in the Asia-Pacific IT publishing space."

"I would also like to thank those companies and organisations that have supported IDM since my company acquired the title in 1996. The magazine has grown in stature and circulation since that time and it could not have been possible without the support of the IT vendors, distributors, resellers, consulting organisations and statutory authorities that recognised the unique editorial coverage provided by IDM.

"I have also been extremely fortunate to have worked with outstanding people over that period of time, specifically the most talented journalist I have worked with, Ms AliciaCamphuisen (RIP), and her editorial colleagues Hannah Birtles, Paul Montgomery, Jessica Aldred, Karen Stuart and Mark Chillingworth . In later years, the magazine was edited by the highly experienced IT editor, Mr Tim Smith, who is now back working in England, though missing the Sydney sun and long summer days at theSCG. I would also like to mention the valuable contributions from Liam Tung, Greg McNevin , Angela Priestley and last but by no means least, Mr Constantine Nicholas, who was our advertising manager for many years. In fact, Con liked his job so much, he ended up marrying one of the editorial team, but that's another story.

"However, it is indicative of the way that the IDM teams worked closely together. I was fortunate to share my office with a wonderful group of people; at some times we had two pairs of brothers and sisters working at the same time, so it would often have a family-like atmosphere. For me, producing a magazine is always a team effort and I am grateful for the contributions from all those people.

"Shortly after I started my journalistic career I began working for a time with a very young Bill Dawes, and I realised then as I do now, that we share the same editorial values. For that reason, I know he will continueIDM's editorial policies and you, our readers, will be able to continue reading this excellent information management title into the future."

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