EzeScan broadens EDRMS support

EzeScan broadens EDRMS support

March 13, 2009: Creating an automated workflow for inputting scanned forms and documents into leading electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS) has got easier with EzeScan software.

The developer of EzeScan, Brisbane-based Outback Imaging, has achieved integration with SharePoint, Open Text Livelink ECM and ACT By Sage Integration.

This could mean that little or no that no operator intervention is required to place the scanned document in the appropriate folder or location within all three platforms. The integration is supported by EzeScan PRO+EDRMS and EzeScan PRO+KFI+UPLOAD modules.

The integration with Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 allows EzeScan to scan documents and attach them to folders within the Sharepoint. It fully supports document contents types, metadata including lookup lists, redaction with versioning of scanned images.

A similar level of support is offered for Livelink ECM, as well as the ability to initiate workflows for scanned documents.

With ACT By Sage Integration, EzeScan takes scanned documents and can automatically attach them to the history tab or documents tab of an ACT company or contact record. The integration works with ACT 2008 and ACT 2009.

It requires the use of the thick (non web) ACT client to attach the documents into ACT, but once attached these documents can be viewed by any thick (non web) ACT client, or an Internet Explorer ACT browser client.

The integration can be used to scan client orders, invoices and other documents and attach them to an ACT CRM client record.

EzeScan is a scanning tool developed and owned by Outback Imaging. It provides ad-hocand batch scanning capabilities for structured and unstructured documents within a singleuser interface, including batch scanning of unstructured documents.


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