Gen AI on Snowflake Marketplace

Quantiphi has released baioniq, its generative AI platform and Dociphi, its intelligent document processing SaaS platform, on Snowflake Marketplace, empowering enterprises across industries to automate workflows and revolutionize business processes through the power of generative AI.

Quantiphi Snowflake Alliance Executive Sponsor Bhaskar Kalita said both baioniq and Dociphi’s availability on Snowflake Marketplace will enable enterprises to transform business processes and workforce productivity.

“With baioniq now available on Snowflake Marketplace, enterprises can unlock greater potential through task automation,” Kalita said. 

“Delivered using a combination of Quantiphi’s generative AI capabilities, NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise software platform and powered by Snowpark Container Services, baioniq enables customers to harness and utilize the latent power within their data more effectively.”

Quantiphi Product Owner for Dociphi, Arunima Gautam said “Dociphi’s document extraction models, which are patent-pending and award-winning, are modernizing the once-document-heavy business workloads and driving unprecedented operational efficiencies.”

“With the Snowflake Native App Framework and its support for Snowpark Container Services, customers can bring Dociphi and baioniq to their data in Snowflake and run them within the security and governance perimeter of their Snowflake account,” 

Snowflake Head of Collaboration and Horizon Prasanna Krishnan said. “Quantiphi enables customers to seamlessly get valuable AI-powered insights from their data in the AI Data Cloud.”


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