Productive desktop scanning sorted by Inotec

Inotec has introduced the new SCAMAX SORTER which enables the scanning and sorting of documents into up to five sorting trays: in just one pass; at full scanning speed; directly at the desk. The sorting attachment for its SCAMAX 3×1 and 6×1 document scanner series enables users to digitize and sort mixed stacks according to numerous criteria and events in a single pass.

The sorting unit, which can be installed on site, sorts documents into up to five output trays during the scanning process.

The sorting decision is made on the basis of all common sorting events and sorting criteria: be it patch code, barcode, document length, double sheet detection, database (CSV) or integrity detection.

Depending on the scanning software used, sorting based on document content is also possible. This means that the SCAMAX SORTER exceeds the sorting capacity of many stand-alone devices and even comes close to the sorting performance of smaller scanning lines.

It is available in two versions: with two sorting trays and with four sorting trays. Together with the rear output tray for straight paper feed-through, which every SCAMAX desktop scanner offers as standard, this results in three or five sorting trays, which are controlled via active switches.

The SCAMAX SORTER is compatible with all models and generations of the SCAMAX 3×1 and 6×1 series. It can be installed on site on devices already in use. Installation and commissioning are carried out by service technicians.

The SCAMAX SORTER is operated via the touch display and the scanner’s user interface. The user guidance is intuitive and clear, so that users can create and manage scanning and sorting profiles independently after just a short briefing. The SCAMAX SORTER can also be cleaned without tools. Its paper path is also fully accessible without the use of tools. Any jammed documents can be easily removed by the user.

Johannes Boerboom, CEO at Inotec parent company DATAWIN GmbH, said, “We are convinced that the SCAMAX SORTER covers a wide range of sorting requirements when scanning documents and therefore offers cross-industry users a lot of time and money savings: for example, when sorting out separation sheets, cover sheets or specific document types during scanning. Of course, the sorting unit can be used particularly profitably wherever there is a high volume of documents and therefore a high scanning and sorting throughput is required. That’s why we see scanning services as a core sales market for the SCAMAX SORTER.”

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SCAMAX 3x1 with 2-tray-sorting unit

SCAMAX 6x1 with 4-tray-sorting unit


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