MuleSoft introduces Intelligent Document Processing

Salesforce has announced AI-powered enhancements to its MuleSoft automation, integration, and API management solutions that help business users and developers improve productivity, simplify workflows, and accelerate time to value.

MuleSoft’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) helps teams quickly extract and organize data from diverse document formats including PDFs and images. Unlike other automation solutions, MuleSoft’s IDP is natively integrated into Salesforce Flow, which provides customers with an end-to-end automation experience.

Additionally, to speed up project delivery, MuleSoft has embedded Einstein, Salesforce’s predictive and generative AI assistant, in its pro-code and low-code tools. This empowers users to build integrations and automations using natural language prompts directly in IDP, Flow Builder, and Anypoint Code Builder.

MuleSoft IDP empowers teams to use AI to automatically extract and organize data from unstructured documents, enabling seamless integration with downstream systems that streamlines processes such as budget reconciliation, order fulfillment, and supplier onboarding.

With advanced AI algorithms at its core, MuleSoft IDP effortlessly extracts and structures data from diverse formats like PDFs and images. This data can then be seamlessly integrated into Salesforce Flow, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, or MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation (RPA), facilitating end-to-end process automation.

MuleSoft IDP includes preconfigured templates for common documents such as purchase orders and invoices, reducing setup time and eliminating the need for extensive document training. Additionally, users can incorporate human-in-the-loop reviews, ensuring improved governance and accuracy in LLM-generated outputs.

Einstein for IDP makes it possible to use natural language prompts to easily extract data from unstructured sources, eliminating the need for training AI models or document templates. Embedding Einstein in IDP also allows users to easily extract unstructured data fields, format responses into JSON outputs, classify and summarize documents, and trigger subsequent tasks.

Einstein for Flow helps Salesforce admins automatically create workflows using natural language prompts. For example, users can ask Einstein to automatically create marketing journeys, Data Cloud-triggered flows, and prompt templates — all enriched with contextual CRM data.