Hyland Launches Cloud-native Automation

Hyland has launched a new intelligent content automation solution called Experience Automate (Hx Automate), one of the first services available through Hyland Experience (Hx), the company’s new cloud-native platform.

Hx Automate, along with soon-to-be-released Hyland Experience Insight (Hx Insight), promise deeper intelligent content automation, transforming the way they leverage artificial intelligence for content and process management.

Hx Automate specifically will strengthen efficiency by streamlining workflows and driving complete, end-to-end automation.

The new service is compatible with existing Hyland platforms.

“The volume of content that organizations process is overwhelming, and has turned from a point of efficiency to a complex hurdle, limiting operational speed and effectiveness, ultimately impacting both employee and customer experience” said Leonard Kim, Hyland’s chief product officer.

“Hyland Experience Automate provides our customers strong automation and orchestration capabilities, and allows them to turn overwhelming volumes of content into intelligent content that they can put to work.”

Those automation capabilities include:

- Harnessing intelligent services by utilizing advanced technologies like large language models (LLMs) and data extraction tools to enrich and contextualize digital assets;

- Integrating with key business platforms by connecting with essential services such as Salesforce, Workday and SAP, ensuring a cohesive operational flow;

- Enabling user-driven innovation by providing intuitive low-code tools for custom form and application development, fostering a culture of creativity and problem-solving.

Hx Automate can be deployed across verticals where automation needs continue to grow. Examples include:

- Unified view into claims check processes in insurance, with realtime syncing and access to crucial data to reduce bounce rate and streamline revenue-generating processes;

- Integrate fully with student information systems in higher ed to ease the transfer of documents and approvals, expediting admissions decisions and other student-related processes.

“The proliferation of content across so many disparate sources within an organization has resulted in thousands of hours spent searching, summarizing, deriving and extrapolating,” Kim said.

“Our customers are seeking ways to automate and optimize those time-consuming processes, and that’s where Hx Automate will have a massive impact.”

In July, Hyland Experience Insight (Hx Insight) will be initially available to select Hyland customers, exploiting synergies between AI, content, processes and data to manage and harness enterprise content.

Hx Insight works with an existing enterprise content platform to generate accurate answers from information hidden in your documents, enabling new levels of efficiency and accelerate decision-making.

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