Appian fuses Generative AI and process automation

The latest version of the Appian low-code Platform introduces a new generative AI prompt builder AI skill, which lets users easily leverage generative AI in a secure and private AI architecture that accelerates their business processes.

Using Appian's AI Skill Designer, users leverage generative AI by providing business context to an embedded large language model (LLM) that automates business work, such as content summarization, content generation, customer and employee communications, and more.

Using Appian's low-code design approach, building these new generative AI skills is fast and intuitive. Users are able to walk through a simple design experience and are able to immediately test the AI Skill in-line for instant validation.

The release also introduces Appian Case Management Studio, an AI-powered case management designer with out-of-the-box modules to quickly launch apps for complex casework. The new release also enhances Appian's Data Fabric Analytics across the Appian data fabric, empowering every Appian user with a powerful AI-assisted business intelligence capability.

Case Management Studio is designed to empower users to rapidly build custom case management solutions on Appian. With its intuitive no-code tools, drag-and-drop form modification, and simplified data modelling, this case management as a service (CMaaS) approach allows users to swiftly launch apps for complex casework.

Advanced AI and automation capabilities assist at every stage of the case, helping business users streamline their workflows by managing routine case management tasks, such as case summarization, case linking, and AI-powered search and duplication resolution. Case Management Studio also solves operational problems by connecting departments, identifying existing inefficiencies, and providing business leaders with automated insights for continuous process improvement.

Additional new capabilities in the latest release of the Appian Platform include:

Data Fabric Analytics. Data Fabric Analytics offers enhanced business intelligence reporting for every Appian user. This dedicated reporting space is now generally available (GA), marking the end of a successful preview release. Users can now utilize Data Fabric Analytics to dig into data using AI generated insights to identify patterns, and summarize findings.

Streamlined RPA for faster end-to-end automation. Robotic tasks can now be directly executed from an Appian process model, eliminating the need for additional integrations. The enhanced operations console ensures operations personas can effortlessly monitor robotic task executions and vitals.

Ability to leverage popular plug-ins directly inside Appian Portals. Features like rich text editors, Google Maps, and ESRI ArcGIS Maps can now be seamlessly integrated into portals, providing customers with enhanced user experiences.

"Appian's generative AI prompt builder puts functional AI directly into the hands of decision makers, leading to faster outcomes than ever before," said Michael Beckley, CTO & Founder, Appian.

"Appian's private AI architecture means you're not sacrificing speed for security either. Your data remains yours and you can use it to its full potential. We will continue to release more innovative generative AI tools that make our users more impactful in what they do."


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