Smarter data extraction from Planet AI

Planet AI, a developer of cognitive software solutions, has announced the release of IDA 5.2. The latest version offers improvements for document capture, classification, and extracting data from unstructured documents.

This supports businesses and public administrations extensively in integrating AI into their document processes. IDA is a software suite for document processing that can be deployed on-premises in compliance with data protection regulations.

At the core of IDA 5.2 is the LLM-based (Large Language Model) data extraction, which analyzes unstructured data.

“The LLM-based data extraction feature, now in beta with IDA 5.2, is a revolution in document processing,” said Jesper Kleinjohann, CEO of Planet AI.

“We use advanced language models, which have become well-known to everyone since the introduction of ChatGPT. However, our technology is specialized in analytical tasks, thus precisely extracting existing data from documents.

“It identifies relevant information through a deep understanding of context – a capability that goes far beyond conventional approaches, providing our partners and customers with a decisive added value in document processing.”

IDA‘s handwriting and machine-print capture is now available as a plug-and-play SDK (software development kit).

New functions for image binarization and cropping dramatically improve the readability and storage efficiency of documents, while the redaction of data fields ensures the protection and security of sensitive information.


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