Kodak Alaris Releases Next Generation IDP Software

Kodak Alaris has released an updated version of its intelligent document processing (IDP) software, KODAK Info Input Solution. The IDP platform automates and simplifies the journey from document arrival to usage in business processes - quickly, accurately, and reliably.

The latest release, Info Input 7, introduces several new platform enhancements, including expanded document AI services for unstructured documents, simplified no-code and low-code workflow automation tasks, and human-in-the-loop volume capabilities.

Other developments include embedded IDP in everyday applications like Salesforce, a new interactive script editor, and the ability to ingest, process, and deliver realtime feedback on documents from the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution from Kodak Alaris.

Info Input Solution is built around Kodak Alaris’ Open Intelligence design, in which pre-built document AI models are immediately deployed within a workflow process.

The IDP solution uses machine learning (ML) and integrations with industry-leading AI tools to deliver reliable data accuracy and sustainable productivity gains.

Info Input 7 makes it easier to fully automate document workflows, from classification and separation to data extraction, indexing, and validation. The solution enables users to easily leverage the powerful document AI technology from leaders such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, right out of the box.

Jim Forger, VP of Business Solutions at Kodak Alaris said: “These latest developments highlight our commitment to innovation and form an integral part of our goal to redefine the future of document processing and information management. Kodak Alaris has long been a leader in image quality, and we continue to grow our capabilities in IDP. The combination of award-winning IDP software and document scanners from Kodak Alaris transforms operational efficiency for our customers and partners and helps them realize greater business value at speed and scale.”

For more information, visit https://www.alarisworld.com/ If you are a business in Australia or New Zealand looking to learn more about Kodak Alaris’ intelligent document processing solutions, contact the Kodak Alaris Australia & New Zealand Team at Email: service-anz@kodakslaris.com or Dial Toll Free: 1300 252 747