Al-Powered Document Processing Software without the training

Deep Cognition Inc., has announced a “trainingless” intelligent document processing (IDP) solution it describes as groundbreaking.

PaperEntry Al, the company’s advanced document automation tool, transforms documents into data at scale using generative Al without labelling, annotation, datasets, or training.

Where companies would previously need to individually set up, label, and train Al models on new document formats, Deep Cognition’s approach eliminates these steps by claiming to automatically achieving best-in- class accuracy “out-of-the-box” on new, ultra-complex document formats that the Al has never seen before.

PaperEntry Al offers a suite of features including:

- Trainingless” Technology – Unlike traditional solutions that require manual labelling, annotation, and training each time a new document format is introduced, Deep Cognition’s PaperEntry Al adapts to new document formats and types without the need for human intervention.

-  Unparalleled Accuracy – Document complexity is no longer a hurdle. Deep Cognition’s PaperEntry Al tool offers 90-99% accuracy “out-of-the-box”, even on the most complex document types and formats that the Al has never encountered before.

-  Optimized Operations – PaperEntry Al empowers teams to allocate less time in front of a screen and more time focused on higher-value tasks. Businesses can achieve a 90% reduction in document processing time and cost compared to traditional manual data entry.

Immediate ROI – Because PaperEntry Al automates data entry processes without the need for extensive setup or training, companies can begin generating ROI starting from day one.

CEO of Deep Cognition, Kurt Knapton, commented, “We’re committed to helping companies conquer their data entry challenges using generative Al. We’re proud that our PaperEntry Al tool is leading the charge by delivering a significant breakthrough in the intelligent document processing space.”