TCG Process teams with Decisionrules for Intelligent Document Processing

TCG Process has announced the integration of decision management technology from DecisionRules into its intelligent process automation solution, DocProStar.

DocProStar efficiently extracts data from incoming documents and media files while DecisionRules applies predefined rules to guide the information through the processing pipeline.

The result is seamless, end-to-end processing that saves time, reduces errors and optimizes operations.

“At TCG Process we are firm believers that in today’s fast-paced world where organizations need to be more responsive and agile than ever before, it is vital to embrace process management and orchestration, right from the door (receipt) to the floor (execution), said Neil Walker, Head of Product for TCG Process.

“DocProStar is the ideal platform for automating, orchestrating and enhancing critical business processes, but process agility is also key. The partnership with DecisionRules creates the perfect synergy between structured processes that deliver consistent outcomes and flexible decision taking that is guided by the results from a dynamic rules management.

“Both companies follow a low-code approach, enabling our customers to realize the benefits of fast, efficient and dynamic processes with ease and in record time.”

Arnold von Bueren, CEO of TCG Process, said “Having a partnership with a solution provider like DecisionRules increases the versatility of DocProStar. Any business process has key decision points that need to be made, and DecisionRules makes configuring and maintaining the business rules under those decisions very easy for the end user.”

Together, DocProStar and DecisionRules provide a powerful combination for automating the extraction and processing of business-critical information.



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