Ask-AI secures $US11M for Generative AI assistant

A new $US11M round of funding for Ask-AI, developer of a generative AI answers and insights solution for enterprises, brings the total to $US20M in funding.

Today, companies store data in multiple platforms and siloes: Slack, emails, CRMs, business documents, customer interactions, knowledge bases and more. Getting all the relevant data when making a decision or interacting with a customer is almost impossible. Generative AI can help, but companies struggle to build solutions that work accurately, are widely adopted, and have a positive impact on the business.

“Executive teams are excited about the promise of AI, and want to take advantage of the technology to make their employees more productive and their customers more satisfied,” said Alon Talmor, founder and CEO of Ask-AI, “but they quickly realize that building AI into their workforce systems is more difficult than expected.

“What they really want is an out-of-the-box application that doesn’t rely on employees asking the right questions. It should tell employees what they need to know – answers, insights and actions – before they know what they need.”

Ask-AI is a generative AI solution designed from scratch to enhance efficiency in repetitive tasks, knowledge management, and understanding the voice of the customer. Connecting to more than 50 enterprise work systems such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Confluence, Jira, Slack, Google Drive, Teams, and many other customer communication and knowledge sources, Ask-AI ingests, analyzes and understands enterprise knowledge. It integrates that knowledge into an employee’s workflow to help them be more productive, providing multiple use cases for customer support, success, product, R&D and sales.

“ASK” is Ask-AI’s always-on “sidekick” sidebar that gives contextual information about anything in a team member’s workflow. When looking at a customer ticket, ASK might show a generative AI highlight of the customer’s long-term concerns and past interactions, insights about sentiment and churn risk, and suggest concise answers and relevant knowledge across all company sources. Crucially, it also gives a confidence score and linked citation for its generated content to combat AI hallucination, something popular AI models have struggled to do.

Completing the end-to-end solution, MosAIc is an AI insights solution that creates visual maps of key customer concerns, issues and repeating questions based on information from across the business. MosAIc helps organizational leaders hear the voice of the customer and identify issues that are trending in order to close knowledge gaps within the organization.

“Enterprises want to use Gen AI to access and act on the knowledge that resides within their siloed systems,” said David Stein, Managing Partner at Leaders Fund. “Ask-AI is the only native Gen AI platform with live enterprise-wide deployments in world-leading companies. The platform enables employees to get answers from enterprise data and take smart actions to complete their work faster. We are excited with the amount of demand Ask is seeing from the market and the value their customers are already realizing. We think it will be a winner in this category.”