DocProStar Accelerates Automation for Document Centric Processes

TCG Process has announced the latest DocProStar release, 2023.1, which offers usability, experience and performance updates that accelerate end-to-end automation of document and media-centric business processes.

“DocProStar is another major step forward in our strategic vision of creating the most powerful, scalable, flexible and yet simple to use process automation platform in the market,” says Neil Walker, Head of Product for TCG Process.

“We continue to evolve our already considerable IDP capabilities, whilst at the same time thinking about ways to incorporate knowledge workers inside processes, extending the reach of DocProStar and the value it provides.”

DocProStar 2023.1 focuses on a number of key areas including process development, integration and cloud-readiness:

- Enhancements to process modelling and monitoring tools, simplifying delivery, shortening learning curves and improving usability.

- Strengthening enterprise and cloud readiness with support for single sign-on (SSO) across all applications and support for additional 3rd party authentication providers through OpenID.

- Improved user engagement through UI/UX enhancements and tighter integration with desktop users and applications for triggering process automations.

- Increased scalability, both vertically (volume) and horizontally (breadth of capability) to support extended activations of DocProStar across the enterprise.

TCG Process CTO Patrick Ulrich says, “DocProStar 2023.1 makes it even easier for cross-functional teams to deliver successful automation projects.

“The additional agility that we’ve created will enhance both employee and customer experiences through faster, more intuitive process development improvements.”