AI-driven Language Solutions for Insurance is partnering with solution provider Duck Creek Technologies to offer AI-driven language solutions for underwriting and claims automation.

Integrated into Duck Creek’s platform, solutions can help insurers read, understand and extract essential data from medical and accident reports and submissions, score risk engineering reports and triage claims based on urgency and severity, classify records by type, and generate summaries.

“By combining powerful natural language capabilities and pre-trained insurance enterprise language models, we help insurers reduce costly upfront training requirements and provide rapid time to value,” said Walt Mayo, CEO. 

“We are excited to bring our unique features and approach to deliver faster, scalable and more effective AI solutions to automate claims and underwriting workflows to the Duck Creek ecosystem.” has more than a decade of experience delivering production level AI-driven language solutions for global insurers. Its solutions enable risk engineers, underwriters and claims handlers to use the best of different AI techniques, including large language models (LLM), symbolic AI, machine learning, as well as pre-trained insurance models via the Enterprise Language Model Insurance for Insurance (ELMI), to get the most cost-effective and most accurate results for each project. enables insurers who utilize Duck Creek’s platform to:

  • Reduce claim review times by 40+%
  • Generate quotes 50% faster
  • Reduce policy/contract review times by 80%
  • Reduce leakage by up to 20%
  • Avoid duplicate and unnecessary reviews
  • Augment SME capacity

“Embedding’s multi-lingual models in the Duck Creek workflows is a meaningful addition to our Ecosystem as we continue to focus on international expansion,” said Robert Fletcher, Sr. Partner Manager, Duck Creek Technologies. 

“Their experience developing strong P&C insurance use cases has enabled them to become a leader in the space, and we are excited to welcome them to the Solution Partner Ecosystem.”


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