SutiSoft eSignature targets Contract Management

SutiSoft, Inc. has launched an eSignature platform, an integrated solution built specifically for businesses facing challenges in managing and signing documents. The platform is configurable, enabling everyone to create, sign, and store documents securely from a single interface.

"Signing documents is cited as the most tedious task for enterprises stuck with legacy systems. It is evident that the traditional signing process offers limited visibility – so you can't track where documents sit in the workflow. Understanding all the intricacies associated with paper-based signing, we have come up with a unified solution that gives businesses complete visibility and helps close deals faster within a digital environment,"  said N.D. Reddy, SutiSoft CEO

The following are the three core components of the eSignature platform:

Contract Lifecycle Management - SutiCLM enables organizations to create, negotiate, and manage contracts effortlessly. Its integration with Outlook and Google Calendars provides timely notifications for key events such as meetings, contract negotiations, execution, events, renewals, and expiration. The solution streamlines contract authoring, allowing all stakeholders to collaborate via Zoom meetings for document reviews, and records every change in a detailed audit log.

eSignature Solution - SutiSign stands as the core tenet of the platform, enabling users to electronically sign documents using any smart device. The solution comes with flexible signing options, signature verification mechanisms and authentication methods including ID verification to validate the legitimacy of online signatures.

Audit logs are automatically added at the end of signed documents so user can track everything including sender IDs, signer's actions with the date and timestamp.

Adhering to standard eSignature laws, the solution assures every signature is complaint and legally binding, leaving no space for forgery and unauthorized access to critical documents.

Document Management Solution - SutiDMS facilitates the centralized document storage, enabling businesses to access, track, and retrieve all critical documents in an organized and secure manner. The solution ensures transparency with its comprehensive set of features including role-based access controls, version controls, audit logs, and more.

SutiSoft's eSignature platform helps businesses act fast on opportunities while promising data privacy through advanced security protocols.