AntWorks Transforms IDP with Generative AI

AntWorks has announced the integration of Generative AI into CMR+, its solution for automating the routine of search, data extraction and analysis of complex documents.  

CMR+ has integrated Generative AI technologies, governed by the following principles: 

- Remain model-agnostic to benefit from the best models available in terms of price, performance and flexibility;

- Seamless integration of GenAI along with traditional techniques to offer a unified user experience; and

- Factoring enterprise priorities around data privacy, cost-efficiency, transparency and throughput. 

Mike Hobday, CEO of AntWorks, says, “At AntWorks, we have been continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of Intelligent Document Processing. By leveraging Generative AI, we have extended the scope of straight-through processing.

“We are committed to expanding CMR+ functionality to provide document search, comparison, summarisation, and data transformation capabilities through a workbench for front-office analysts.”  

CMR+ now has capabilities in:

- Improved extraction from documents without need for extensive training or configuration effort;

- Analysis of multiple documents through a user-friendly conversational interface while retaining context throughout the conversations;

- Comparison of clauses from the document with clauses elsewhere in the document or against a defined benchmark;

- Search across a library of documents to identify the relevant content through a semantic search; and

- Determine the next-best action based on incoming data and defined policy.

Founded in 2015, AntWorks is headquartered in Singapore with market presence in US and UK with a team of 100 specialists.


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