Automation Anywhere Expands GenAI-Powered Platform

Automation Anywhere has launched new generative AI automation models built to accelerate business transformation efforts and scale enterprise automation.

The foundation of these innovations is a Responsible AI Layer which includes new, custom generative AI automation models developed on top of leading Large Language Models and trained with anonymized metadata from millions of automations. The new layer also includes additional AI tools and security and governance capabilities that are core to the next generation of automation development.

Automation Anywhere’s Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users and Document Automation solutions, now available with generative AI, have expanded to include new use cases and LLM integration capabilities.

Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users: Now with generative AI, Automation Co-Pilot can handle use-cases that were not previously possible, including email triage and routing for customer service teams, anti-money laundering alerts and reporting in the banking sector, and generating after-visit summaries for patients in healthcare. Automation Co-pilot also serves as a crucial built-in guardrail for responsible AI use, controlling how business teams interact with generative AI.

Document Automation: an intelligent document processing solution, is now designed to leverage generative AI for faster understanding, extraction, and summarization of data. It supports semi-structured and unstructured document types and supply chain use cases, such as waybills, packing slips, POs, and contracts, thus eliminating manual data handling time by up to 80% and increasing team productivity.

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators and Autopilot products are available in beta and will be generally available in early 2024.

Autopilot stitches together Process Discovery, CoE Manager, and Automation Co-Pilot for Automators, allowing for faster automation development. This new capability enables organizations and teams to go from process discovery to automation creation in minutes

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators empowers both citizen and professional developers to turn natural language prompts into end-to-end automations, lowering the barrier to automation across every team.

Automation Anywhere has also introduced AI tools, governance, and best practices for responsible scaling, including model management, testing, prompt templates, data privacy controls, and monitoring & audit tools.

The company is enhancing integrations with Google Cloud and AWS and expanding user support through the Pathfinder Community, which includes a new generative AI community group and skills booster series.



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