Esker and Boost automate Virtual Card Processing

Esker and Boost Payment Solutions are teaming up to transform virtual card processing for accounts receivable (AR) departments – eliminating tedious manual efforts and streamlining payment reconciliation.

Sending one-time-use virtual cards to suppliers is an increasingly popular payment method, but processing these card payments by hand can be burdensome for AR departments, requiring substantial manual intervention.

By harnessing Esker’s automation technology with Boost Intercept - Boost’s straight-through processing (STP) solution - businesses can now seamlessly integrate virtual card payments into their AR workflows, eliminating manual intervention, human errors and improving processing time and costs.

​​Since 2009, Boost has been reinventing how card payments are initiated, accepted and processed for companies worldwide. This partnership marks a milestone for both Boost and Esker in the AR space by offering organizations an innovative solution to streamline virtual card processing and unlock new levels of financial optimization.

“Virtual card payments are growing at a tremendous speed,” said Steve Smith, U.S. Chief Operating Officer at Esker.

“We’ve seen a huge uptick in card issuance on the AP side and want to be a step ahead as it progresses to the receiving end. We are extremely excited about this new partnership with Boost, as it further solidifies our commitment to progress and meeting our customers’ evolving needs for innovative and efficient payment solutions.”