Kofax Enhances TotalAgility with Generative AI

A new Azure OpenAI connector for TotalAgility has been released on the Kofax Marketplace. This Connector uses Azure OpenAI, the Microsoft-hosted version of GPT - the engine behind OpenAI ChatGPT.

TotalAgility workflows can now be extended with several core Generative AI (GAI) capabilities:

Deep Understanding: Analyze unstructured text to discern meaning, emotion, and purpose.

Summarization: Efficiently condense vast amounts of content, aiding in quicker decision-making.

Tailored Responses: Auto creation of impactful replies to user queries and customer touchpoints within a TotalAgility process.

Adam Field, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, shared, "The introduction of the Azure OpenAI connector into our platform underscores our vision of evolving with the demands of the modern business landscape. By infusing Generative AI into the robust TotalAgility platform, we're offering our clients unprecedented tools which enhance worker productivity and accelerate decision-making capabilities."

The Generative AI Assistant empowers developers in rapidly generating processes, integrating back-end systems, creating user interfaces, and providing best-practice guidance throughout the development phase.

Fusing TotalAgility with cutting-edge language models, developers will be able to simply prompt for the desired information from a document and watch as the system intelligently retrieves it. This aims to redefine intelligent document processing extraction and provide a faster time to value.

This connector is available at no extra cost to TotalAgility users.

For an overview and to download the Azure OpenAI connector for TotalAgility on the Kofax Marketplace, visit HERE


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