pdfRest launches Import Form Data API Tool

pdfRest has announced the launch of Import Form Data as the newest API Tool available with its PDF Forms Pro Cloud API Service.

Import Form Data is a REST API tool that loads values from an external data file into any and all form fields of a PDF, regardless of form complexity and underlying technology. 

This tool supports easy configuration of an automated process for loading data from external sources into PDF form templates for both small and large scale workflows.

It provides full support for all PDF forms types:

  • Dynamic XFA
  • Static XFA
  • Acroforms


Import Form Data can also be chained together with Flatten Forms to offer a complete end-to-end data entry and data protection solution for PDF form documents.

Process PDF forms quickly with an easy-to-connect Cloud API service that can be called from nearly any programming language or low/no-code framework. 

Get your free API Key now to access all of the pdfRest API Tools, and get started with the intuitive API Lab interface to build and send calls from your browser. You can also start from code samples in the pdfRest GitHub repository, or download preconfigured API Calls in the Postman Collection.