MonJa introduces Advanced Fraud Detection in OCR Document Automation

MonJa, a developer of intelligent automation for financial institutions, has added an advanced fraud detection feature into its OCR document automation software.

This feature offers automatic identification of potential fraud signals in bank statements, tax returns and other financial documents.

James Wu, CEO of MonJa, said, "In the past few months, we have detected an increased number of fraudulent or altered financial documents.

“This latest feature aims to not only to make document management easier and more efficient, but also to add a safety net against fraud.

“We want our clients to feel at ease knowing they've got this extra safeguard in place. Our company is continually working towards meeting the evolving needs in financial document analysis."

The advanced feature automatically scans and analyses bank statements and other documents for possible indicators of fraudulent activities.

It works by leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms to detect inconsistencies and anomalies that could suggest fraud, offering financial institutions an additional tool to safeguard their operations.

To learn more about the product or to book a demo, interested parties can directly visit the MonJa website ( or email Ana Elizondo (