FileInvite Launches Free Plan for Document Collection

NZ firm FileInvite has made available a free plan for its secure document collection software to help businesses streamline their information collection workflows.

The company says it is the first free plan in the document collection software category, and allows users to explore the secure, time-saving application at their own pace.

The company is SOC2 Type II-certified and compliant with GDPRHIPAA, and FERPA standards. Its enterprise and bank-grade security is maintained across all offerings, including the free plan, enabling all users to confidently and securely collect sensitive information.

"We're excited to break down barriers to technology adoption and make our efficient document collection solution accessible to everyone with our free plan," says James Sampson, CEO of FileInvite.

“The entry-level option can easily scale up to support high request volumes and meet the needs of complex workflows, providing new users with a risk-free way to try out the secure solution for requesting information.”

FileInvite aims to transform the document collection process, making it faster and more efficient.

This solution is designed for document-heavy workflows and regulated industries such as banking, lending, accounting, education, and legal services.

With FileInvite, users can easily and securely request and receive documents, saving time, improving operational efficiencies, and enhancing customer experiences.

Learn more about FileInvite’s free plan here »