RBC Group extends automation platform

Australian technology integrator RBC Group is boosting its automation capabilities via a strategic partnership with Swiss-based global company TCG Process. The new alliance will extend the functionality and scalability of RBC Group’s flagship automation platform Docs2me.

Docs2me enables paper files such as invoices and purchase orders to be seamlessly uploaded to a secure cloud-based file storage.

RBC Group is a member of HP’s global alliance board with 3,000 managed services customers in Australia. Solutions Director Luke Bartlett said RBC had integrated TCG’s technology suite into the app's functions.

“TCG Process are leaders in their field and our collaboration has taken Docs2me to a whole new level of functionality,” Mr Bartlett said.

“This alliance has enhanced Docs2me’s existing AI engine for extraction and validation services, document workflow, enabled new business process management and mobile capture features to be introduced, and integrated RPA and Workpath apps services.

“These updates will make tasks that require the use of paper documents, including invoice processing, digital mailroom, HR records and loan processing, a much more seamless, fast and user-friendly experience.

“We know customers have enjoyed many benefits from using Docs2me, so we’re very excited to further innovate the platform and provide greater value to customers and improve their automation capabilities and productivity, shorten cycle times and reduce overhead costs.”

TCG Process launched a subsidiary in Australia in 2020 with a focus on insurance, banking and business process outsourcing markets, working through partners in these verticals.

“We are excited to work with RBC Group to deliver automation to both enterprise and small & medium enterprise organisations to increase competitiveness locally and globally. RBC brings considerable experience, skills and a loyal customer base,” said Frank Volckmar, Managing Director at TCG Process Pty Ltd.

To learn more about the latest version of the Docs2me application visit: https://ducentis.com.au/products/docs2me-document-automation/.