Secured Signing adds Notary Queue and Snapshot to Digital Signature Platform

Secured Signing has announced the latest product updates and enhancements across its Remote Online Notarization and Digital Signature platform with the introduction of Notary Queue and Snapshot.

Gal Thompson, CEO at Secured Signing, said "Notary Queue comes at a pivotal moment for Secured Signing, as interest for an enterprise remote online notarization solution has risen significantly across many different markets, while Snapshot gives notaries the ability to collect or capture an image of supporting documentation during a live remote online notarization session. The new features empower platform users with smart tools that create quick and easy business solutions designed to streamline document workflows."

Notary Queue is suitable for medium to large companies performing frequent signing services and have remote, in-house RON-certified notaries able to perform RON for the entire company. The new feature supports the ability to have different roles and people assigned to a document process with the ability to prepare and tag documents as needed. 

Using Secured Signing's API or a manual entry process, the scheduler enters the data and assigns it into a queue. A pool of the company's notaries can pick up the assignment or these can be assigned directly to a specific notary of choice.

"We discovered the need for companies to schedule and assign notarial tasks in a way that was scalable," says Mike Eyal, CTO and founder at Secured Signing.

"This led to extensive research and development of the Notary Queue, which allows for a quick and easy notary assignment to be posted into a queue. Snapshot comes with the functionality that everyone is accustomed to when editing images including crop, editing, and labelling, all done within the live session."

Secured Signing's SaaS platform provides notaries with the ability to schedule live RON sessions, complete identity proofing and credential analysis checks on customers and clients, fully tag a document with data collection fields, and edit fields within a live signing session with the add or remove field functionality.

"Our R&D team continues to keep a pulse on our user base. We listen, learn and bring new logic, features and enhancements that make sense to market," added Thompson. 

Secured Signing's Digital Signature, Video Signing, and RON platform enables its users to use any device to capture their graphical signature, fill in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime.