Contractor Compliance releases OCR capabilities

Contractor Compliance Inc., a developer of Contractor Management Software, has announced the launch of an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) module, available to enterprise clients with both assisted and automated approval workflows.

“With businesses utilizing third party workforces more consistently and frequently, coupled with the desire to hold these third parties to a high health and safety standard, the administrative burden on businesses continues to grow,” said Mark Bania, Co-Founder & CEO of Contractor Compliance Inc.

“Not only are we seeing increased market interest in our core offering, we are also seeing our enterprise clients using our platform to manage more complex workflows and ingest more data from third parties than ever before.”

Over the last two years, Contractor Compliance Inc. has seen the number of requirements actioned by their users grow by 263% as the demand for Contractor Management Software grows.

“Our clients value that we’re a fully configurable software solution that is rapidly deployable, requires virtually zero learning curve, and drives adoption rates that lead our industry,” said Mark Bania.

“By offering an OCR module to our clients, we are able to further reduce the administrative burden they face managing third party contractor, supplier and vendor requirements, putting more time back in their day to promote a strong safety culture within their respective organizations.”

Contractor Compliance Inc.’s OCR module enables organizations to more efficiently ingest data from third party contractor, supplier and vendor submissions. Through the OCR module, clients can:

- Configure specific requirements to extract relevant data from third party submissions, defining mandatory data fields and acceptable submission values.
- Use Assisted Approvals to display OCR results and expedite a user’s ability to review third party submissions by isolating only relevant information.
- Use Automated Approvals to disposition third party submissions without the need for human intervention.