Smart Engines announces next generation ID Scanning product

Smart Engines has announced a new generation of Smart ID Engine, its advanced identity scanner which now has a new AnyDoc mode, with more than 3, 000 ID templates recognised and significantly improved document scanning accuracy.

The AnyDoc mode allows for automatic selection between any passports, ID cards, driving licences, residence permits and other IDs of all supported countries.

The system implements a visual memory algorithm that has improved the quality and speed of automatic document type detection.

Smart ID Engine applies compact indexing methods of multidimensional feature space of local features of ID documents. These allow almost instant determination of document type among more than 2,000 possible variants. Automatic type detection mode is available when scanning ID documents with the Smart ID Engine in real-time video streams, on photos and scans.

Our library of supported ID type’s documents is expanding to 220 jurisdictions and issuers. There are 2,198 types of identity document types and 3,385 templates supported in total. Here is the full list of supported documents.

With the new Smart ID Engine we added 148 new identity document types and templates. Support for the new version is now available for:

Australia – Firearm permit
Australia Driving licence
Australia – ID card (Victoria)
Malaysia – Residence permit
New Zealand – ID card
Pakistan – Driving licence
Philippines – Medical card 
Philippines-  Work permit
Thailand – Driving licence

“We have developed a unique visual memory algorithm for the Smart ID Engine and implemented it for the first time. It significantly speeds up streaming image processing on the server and makes the process of document recognition on a smartphone even more convenient and faster”, said Smart Engines CEO Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD in Engineering Science.

“Now users do not need to specify the type of document in the mobile app before scanning. This will streamline procedures of global KYC platforms and massively simplify customer identification processes.”

Support for small character OCR-A fonts has also been added. At the same time, the recognition quality of fields containing OCR-A fonts has improved by a factor of two. The proprietary GreenOCR technology supports recognition of printed text in 102 languages.

The new generation Smart ID Engine now supports the Docker platform of containerization functionality and is therefore much faster to integrate into a customer’s infrastructure. This capability enables the deployment of a highly loaded ID recognition system using a Docker container in a matter of minutes.

Linux application developers only need to execute a single command to install it. Smart ID Engine in Docker container integrates into the client’s local server infrastructure.

In 2022 Smart Engines introduced a new technology to allow users to spend only 0,15 seconds while reading a passport and extract data on an iPhone 12 in realtime. With the Smart ID Engine, users can scan 55 passports per second to scan each document using a 32-core processor on a server without GPUs.

Smart ID Engine supports mobileserverdesktop and web applications for the Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android families of operating systems.


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