Dynamsoft SDK redesigns Mobile Document Capture Workflow

Dynamsoft has updated its document capture software development kit - Dynamic Web TWAIN - to allow developers to build a more customized document scanning web application.

Upon capturing an image, it can be automatically cropped if border detection is enabled. The crop viewer is opened first, or the main viewer opens up where users can edit the image manually by clicking on the crop, rotate, or mirror icon. Catering to different document scanning workflows for businesses is made easy.

Built-in image filters improve the quality of the captured document images for different usage scenarios, such as the clean mode which produces a clean document image by removing shadows. Applying the Save toner filter reduces ink usage when the document is printed. The Black and white filter binarizes the image which can be easily used for further image processing or to reduce file sizes.

This new version also made an improvement on personalizing the document viewer by adding, removing any built-in icons, or modifying the icon’s size, colour and style. When embedding Dynamsoft’s document scanning module into a Web page, developers can create a more cohesive user interface to match their entire website’s style. The improved user experience also extends to keeping a copy of the original image just in case a user needs to start the editing from scratch.

Getting started with deployment can be done in a handful of steps. Developers can download and install Dynamic Web TWAIN version 17.3 from the Dynamsoft website, including a trial version. A 30-day trial license can be activated by copying the license key code into the provided JS file and then copying the related code and file to the static resource folder of a web project.

Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN version 17.3 SDK is now available. It can be purchased and downloaded at the company’s website. The company also offers Dynamic .NET TWAIN for developing scan and image capture components for desktop document management applications.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is also offered to create barcode reading applications. Finally, a Dynamsoft Label Recognition SDK provides a fast method to localize and extract key data on the common store or warehouse tags using OCR.