Intapp Documents launched for Corporate Legal

Intapp, a global provider of cloud-based software for the professional and financial services industry, has launched Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal.

Developed specifically for in-house legal teams, it reduces legal operations’ dependence on file-shares and email chains to manage, track, and report on legal matters across their lifecycle. The comprehensive corporate legal matter management solution enables matter-centric document management capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint and provides the tools needed for professionals to effectively file emails and access content, all from within Microsoft Outlook.

“Many corporate legal teams are on a mission to become more rigorous about how they manage and use matter-related content, in order to more efficiently deliver the service the business depends on,” said Dan Tacone, President and Chief Client Officer at Intapp.

“We’re excited to launch Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal to serve this need, helping in-house legal teams increase collaboration and manage the proliferation of matter-related documents and email directly within the Microsoft tools they already use.”

Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal helps in-house legal teams:

Improve visibility and productivity — Provide a clear view of the matter lifecycle and enhance management of work through centralized and automated matter triage and allocation, data-driven insights, and real-time reporting.

Provide a legal front door for matter management — Introduce self-service, automation, and alerts for simple, routine matter management, freeing up legal professionals’ time.

Facilitate connectivity — Connect people, processes, and data to increase collaboration, helping lawyers improve matter management and drive value.

Maximize Microsoft 365 investment — Enhance and extend usage of Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams while also leveraging a secure, compliant Microsoft 365 tenant for content storage.

Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal combines technology obtained by way of the Repstor acquisition with existing Intapp industry cloud solutions. As such, the solution is already used by hundreds of legal professionals globally with clients across a diverse range of sectors including financial services, biochemical/pharma, utilities, healthcare, education, professional services, and manufacturing.

Additionally, Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal is supported by an extensive partner ecosystem, most recently including KPMG.

“By leveraging the combined Industry Cloud power of Microsoft and Intapp through our strategic alliances, KPMG Law is raising the productivity of legal departments to a new level,” said Philipp Glock, Partner and Co-Leader Legal Operations Transformation Services at KPMG.