Fluix workflow tool now available on Android

Fluix no-code process management software is now available on the Android platform. Fluix digitizes the paper forms and heavy manuals that commonly clutter workspaces. The software also streamlines document-based collaboration between remote and office teams, facilitates all kinds of inspections and checklists, and optimizes various other business processes.

"Over the past 10 years, I've seen Fluix make a real difference to our customers. We're thrilled to be able to make Fluix even more accessible to teams all over the world, via both iOS and Android Platforms," said Julia Nikolayenko, Executive Director of Fluix

Before Fluix officially launched in 2014, Fluix's parent company, Readdle, launched PDF Expert - a document editing app for the first-ever iPad. Having used PDF Expert for some time, aerospace giant, Boeing, specifically asked Fluix CEO, Igor Zhadanov, to tailor the software to allow for greater flexibility in document management.

Initially, Igor said no to Boeing's request, as custom development wasn't part of Readdle's product-driven company vision. When Boeing insisted, Igor quickly realized that it was possible to expand on the existing features of PDF Expert to include workflows, automation tools and comprehensive user management options.

Those features combined to create Fluix; dynamic software that can be applied to use cases across various industries, including aviation, construction, and renewable energy. Fluix has grown ever since, reaching another milestone with its introduction to the Android platform.

"We aim to positively disrupt the way companies of any size work with their documents and tasks. Our vision has resulted in a platform that solves the main pain-points of office and field teams that keep safety and compliance as their top priorities," said Igor Zhadanov, co-founder of Readdle and CEO of Fluix.