ELO Taps Partners for Agile Strategy

ECM software provider ELO Digital Office has announced a change in its product release strategy that will see more frequent specialised updates. The previous annual release cycle for the ELO ECM Suite will be replaced with two different release types: topic-oriented feature releases published throughout the year and long-term support (LTS) releases, which will be released every two years.

ELO plans to work closely with system vendors and IT consultants in the ELO Business Partner network with specialised technological knowledge to develop the topic-oriented feature releases.

"In this way, we've bundled a huge amount of expertise in a joint team, enabling us to offer numerous innovative releases in an agile development process," said ELO CTO Nils Mosbach.

"Plus, our partners are now closer to customers than ever, which benefits both sides, as their valuable feedback can be incorporated directly into our developments. And we can make the software even better for our customers!"

Some of the topics to be addressed initially by ELO in tandem with its partners include automation, ELO Business Solutions, integration, and the cloud (ELO is already testing and developing a new cloud technology stack.)

The next long-term support version of the ELO ECM Suite is set for release in Q2 2022.

Members of the ELO Business Partner Network in Australia and New Zealand include Konica Minolta (Australia), Next Office Tech, Toshiba (Australia), Grace Records Management, SAU Digital, Paytec Technology that Counts, PSQ and many more.

ELO Australia’s Managing Director Rainer Krause commented: “Our new release strategy fosters the closer collaboration with customers and partners throughout the region. Engaging specialist partners provide better insights into the changing requirements in both areas: Business Process Improvements as well as developments in technologies. We can focus more on what is needed and can translate those needs into technology.”

More information: www.elo.com