Pingar announces knowledge graph partnership

NZ developer of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics technology, Pingar, has announced a partnership with Graphologi’s knowledge graph solutions.

Pingar drives the auto-classification of large volumes of unstructured data for the purpose of document management, record-keeping and compliance, search, insights and intelligent information management.

Graphifi provides tooling and expertise for creating knowledge graphs.

Its two products - Graphologi, for taxonomy and ontology management, along with EasyGraph, a knowledge graph delivery platform - offer enterprise class capabilities for managing and setting up knowledge graphs easily and affordably.

Pagar states this partnership will allow it to develop more holistic solutions where auto-classification is a requirement.

“The combination of Pingar’s world-leading technology, combined with Graphologi’s knowledge graph solutions, will allow companies to benefit from getting the most value from their information assets,” it said in a statement.

For Graphifi:

For Pingar: