Exela Technologies launches compact enterprise scanning platform

Exela Technologies has announced the launch of the IntelliScan Raptor scanner, the latest addition to its line of document digitization and data extraction platforms.

The Raptor combines high-speed throughput of up to 240 pages per minute, high image quality, flexible paper handling, and single or three-pocket sorting capabilities – all in an affordable table-top sized machine.

The IntelliScan Raptor broadens the range of Exela’s open track scanning solutions that includes the IntelliScan XDS5, IntelliScan TRP5, and IntelliScan SDS+. It is designed for organizations with mid to high volumes of documents such as service bureaus, banks, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

Exela’s IntelliScan products are manufactured in the US and Asia, enabling global production capacity located near its end markets. The Raptor will be sold by Exela and via global reseller channels. Delivery and support will be provided by Exela’s service organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia, and through trained reseller partners for the rest of the world.

The Raptor, along with the entire IntelliScan line, can be paired with Exela’s robotic process automation and cognitive automation tools, such as Exela’s OpenBox software, to create a complete document digitization, data extraction, and classification solution.



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