PSIGEN unveils PSIcapture 7.7 Advanced Document Capture Software

PSIGEN has released PSIcapture 7.7: the latest version of its document capture software featuring a variety of new and enhanced capabilities for faster processing of invoices and other documents that once required a high degree of data entry.

The latest release dramatically reduces software setup time through automated forms creation and validation.

As advanced capture software, PSIcapture handles more than simple conversion of paper to digital and extraction of data from documents.

With optical and intelligent character recognition (OCR/ICR) technology and the newest version of the PSIGEN-developed Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE), PSIcapture 7.7 captures and analyses documents before storing them in the cloud.

Designed to meet all the needs of an organization, PSIcapture effortlessly integrates with any scanning device and over 60 different enterprise content management (ECM) and database systems.
Deploying PSIcapture 7.7 is faster and easier, taking under 60 minutes to install and begin training it to process invoices.

PSIcapture 7.7 brings performance modifications to the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) including automatic creation of zone profiles and accelerated classification configuration options within indexing modules.

Users can now manually reposition classification forms on the global classification list using the "Move To…" command, as well as a new ability to group classification rules into sets.

The PSIcapture 7.7 ACE enables Knowledge Workers to import never-before-seen documents and simply verify the automatic classification that ACE has completed during the workflow.

PSIcapture 7.7 reduces the time needed to create and validate new vendor invoices and decreases the time to extract data by 99%. To put it another way, the time needed to create and validate these vendors has been reduced from over 20 minutes to less than 60 seconds because there are fewer required steps, pop-outs and data entry.

The software can extract data from physical documents – including constrained handwriting – digital files, incoming faxes, email, and more, converting each document into a searchable PDF before routing it to a cloud-based digital repository of your choosing.

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