Tackle Vision promises to replace OCR

Tackle Ai has announced Tackle Vision, promising a revolutionary method for full document data detection within the Tackle Ai artificial intelligence platform. Tackle Vision is a new way to detect all types of dynamic data found on unstructured documents.

The company says Tackle Vision offers businesses with massive amounts of unstructured documents a system to quickly and accurately extract this data better than ever done before.

“The development of Tackle Vision has been a large undertaking for the Tackle Ai team but we believe it is something that will change the artificial intelligence and data detection industries. Tackle Vision works in conjunction with our other proprietary neural networks which separates this system from everything else on the market,” said Sergio Suarez Jr., CTO, and Co-Founder of Tackle Ai.

“Tackle Vision is so much more than just a new optical character recognition (OCR) tool. Tackle Vision can fully understand everything that is found on a document, not just letters and numerical-based characters.

“Our new system will know if a document has been signed or not, if the document has any press stamps or other unique markings added, and it will identify if any handwritten notes are within the document along with what the note says. Tackle Vision is truly able to understand and identify all parts of a document just like a human would be able to do so with their eyes.”

Features and benefits of Tackle Vision include:

  • Up to 35% more accurate than the traditional methods of OCR and ICR
  • No need for zoning of documents
  • The ability to detect dynamic data on any type of unstructured document, even on documents that Tackle Vision has never ‘seen’ or been trained on before
  • The overall time to introduce and process a new document can be optimized by up to 1,200% compared to the traditional methods of OCR and ICR


A commercialized version of Tackle Vision is available now and additional development will continue on the system to further improve its data detection, speed, and accuracy. Throughout 2021, Tackle Ai will be upgrading all of its existing clients, projects, and engagements onto the Tackle Vision system so they can take full advantage of its benefits and capabilities.



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